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why Go69 Pizza?

The company has expansion plan in phases, in 1st phase we are eyeing on a Target of 200+ Pizza Outlets PAN India. As we at Go69 Pizza thinks about franchise to earn more and more profits, we allow them to have more brands and more products for best utilisation of resources to make more profits.

The best part of Go69 Pizza franchise is you don't have to worry about raw materials and staff members, as at Go69 Pizza we provide all the raw materials and staff members if required G069 Pizza is known for its Indian Taste in Pizza& Variety of Traditional Exotic Burgers and Mesmerizing Grills.

Why to take GO69 pizza franchise?

This business model is one of the best business models with such a low investment and very high returns.

Let's grow together

Because your success is company's goal: There's so much power in numbers. Franchise with Go69 Pizza means you are the part of one of the fastest growing risk free industry.

Success is a Mutual goal here: As the company does everything to make you success. We believe in growing together. A huge community of like-minded people who are always there to help you. Your problems can be shared and help is just a phone call away and you always have a team of people working to help you succeed.

Go69 Pizza, Opportunities Have No Limits: At Go69 Pizza, we work on creative, scalable ideas to enhance the brand as a whole to ensure consistent success of the business, and as a franchisee, you have access to all of these successful ideas from people who are working for the same goal, running the same business you are in.

Get A Rock-Solid Head Start & Matchless Support: There is a huge amount of energy working behind Go69 Pizza. A large group of professionals, all from diverse background are combining their expertise, dedication, resources, and focus on whatever business challenge is at hand. From the beginning they can give a hand up, leg up, or pat on the back in the face of the challenging situations and business climate.

GO69 Pizza! GO69 Pizza! GO69 Pizza! GO69 Pizza!

India Ka Pizza! India Ka Pizza! India Ka Pizza!

G069 pizza business model

  • 1 The franchise model of the company is very simple, unique &specially designed to make individual self-employed.
  • 2 Any individual can join company as franchisee and earn lots of money with NO or very low risk with a very small investment, the most important thing is NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE / KNOWLEDGE OF THE SAME FIELD REQUIRED
  • 3You can start PURE VEG PIZZA outlet or both VEG & NON-VEG outlet, you can be part of this wonderful venture for your city.
  • 4 Our pizza & Burger varieties are definitely different from other brands &having guaranteed Indian Taste which people from your city will like and appreciate.
  • 5 Our side products like grilled sandwich, pasta, garlic bread, French fries, rolls, burgers, shakes soft drinks, juice, ice creams etc shall be a bonus for your customers as well as to you. This way you can always expect a real customer delight.

No profit sharing by the company

  • 1 Franchise need not to share its profits with the company.
  • 2 All the support right from the site selection to staff training, Pre launch marketing, post launch surveys/audits, support in kitchen during launch, proper guidelines to the management will be provided by the company at NO EXTRA CHARGE , you just need to follow franchise protocol and make money without sharing your profits with the company.
  • 3Our business model is well researched, so you need not invest time in planning and to worry about the risks, all the supports will be provided to make your business a successful with low Risk and high Returns.

Franchise Requirements

Basic Requirement

  • 1 You need to have a shop owned or rented with 400 to 600 Sq. Ft. Area in a good locality of your city where a number of natural foot falls happens regularly.
  • 2Rest everything will be set up as per company norms and requirements at very nominal expenses.

Staff required

  • 1 Initially you can hire 2 staff for kitchen and 1 for home delivery with part time housekeeping staff. Going forward as per requirement number of staff can be increased
  • 2 No any specific qualification required for these staff members, any one 10+2 passed with an interest in kitchen works/cooking can be hired.
  • 3They shall be trained as per requirements by the trainers of the company AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

General requirements

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